LATO is the top strategic planning and strategy execution tool
Onni Matti Manninen and Outi Nummi LATO

Shared structure for planning

In LATO the organization’s strategic objectives (the big picture) are summarized on one page. The objectives are broken down into concrete and time-based goals – The teams and units will plan their actions and performance indicators to execute these given goals. All of this is visualized and structured by LATO Strategy Tool. Your plan for strategy execution remains transparent, simple and measurable.

Understanding of strategic and status

The information on the strategy, KPIs, goals and progress are typically all over the place. The data is scattered on multiple platforms, spreadsheets and documents. It takes a lot of time and effort to compile the data and turn it into a status analysis. In LATO, the data is on one platform, in a one-pager view. Review the big picture and zoom into details. The status and progress are updated directly by the team members via automated notifications. In LATO, the information is always structured and always up to date.

objective editor

A strategy that works in real life

Here’s the bottom line: concrete and practical objectives will guide the work of your people. As your people have planned their own goals and actions, they are committed to execute.

Transparency for better communication

It’s a great idea to give your people the opportunity to see your entire strategy on LATO. It will enhance their understanding of the big picture and show how their work keeps things moving forward.

objective indicators

See where you’re really going and make better decisions

By using the “traffic light” indicators and comments features in LATO, the users will keep you informed on both the current status and the future opportunities and risks. With LATO you get the numbers and facts plus your experts’ forecast and analysis of future progress – All in one place.

Data visualization for insights

There are multiple options for visualizing the data in LATO. Use the filters and templates to get the information you need right now. Whether it’s a dashboard of strategy progress, the organization’s objectives, or individual team’s performance, LATO has all the relevant information easily accessible.

A solution for the whole organization

LATO’s data structure is similar to your organization structure – no matter how many or few levels of management you have. Managers and team members can immediately access their individual and team goals to understand the progress they are making.


Focus on strategy overview and the big picture. Lead and support the mid-management when needed. Identify the opportunities and plan ahead.

Mid management

Manage resources effectively. Help your team to reach their goals and succeed.

Team members

Use LATO to keep your priorities straight and see the effect of your daily work on strategy execution. Yes, you really are a valuable member of your organization!

Used by companies, public organizations and NGOs