LATO Strategy Tool transforms your strategic plans into action and results

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Used by companies, public organizations and NGOs

LATO Strategy Tool is a platform for the successful execution of organizations’ strategies

The fact is that most strategies are not executed successfully. With LATO Strategy Tool, you can implement your strategy in a structured and organized manner. Connect your people to transparent and effective strategy implementation – this is the key to success.

Real-time view of the must-win-battle status


“The tool supports the cascading of goals and actions into our organization. It provides us with a full, transparent view of our must-win battles.“

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Panostaja develops a portfolio of SMEs with LATO


” LATO allows us to develop and follow all of our assets in an integrated manner.”

A national research center uses LATO


“We now have a remarkably simpler and easier reporting process.”

LATO'S Strategic benefits

Stop wasting time

LATO releases your valuable resources from routine tasks to more productive activities. Stop wasting time on inefficient processes and spreadsheet tinkering.

Clarify the responsibilities

LATO Strategy Tool enhances your teams’ performance with clear and concise goals and deadlines. LATO highlights the essential monthly tasks and goals for the teams and individuals.

Executive board's best friend

No more PowerPoints and Excels – have all the strategic information and KPIs in one place, always up to date. Review your current status and identify the upcoming issues in seconds.

Fact based decision-making

On-time quality data and analysis give you a powerful base for better decision-making.

Use LATO anytime, anywhere

LATO Strategy Tool can be used on desktop and mobile app. Level up your meetings with easy-to-use reports and reviews.


Available free of charge for Android and iOS.


Strategy implementation on desktop and tablets.


Export reports to Excel or .pdf with one click.

Transparent planning

Make your strategy transparent to drive the daily work of your people. You set the objectives while the teams plan their concrete goals and carry them out in practice.

Key results
Personal objectives

Effective execution

LATO makes the strategy accessible to each member of your organization and gives them tangible priorities.
Reporting the progress and status is easy and straightforward.

Focus on the essential

LATO provides an up-to-date overview of the strategic status in a matter of seconds. You’ll immediately recognize the issues that call for your attention.

Objective indicators

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