Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Implementing the strategy together, openly and transparently in a diverse and modern University of Applied Sciences

Laurea introduced the LATO Strategy Tool in the autumn of 2017. Prior to the introduction of the tool, Laurea had defined and implemented strategic development projects for several years.

Laurea aim was to improve transparency into the projects and initiatives and to improve the organizational follow-up capability.

Quickly after the introduction, it was discovered that with the tool the big picture of the strategy is clearer and the development projects becomes concrete.

All employess have access to the tool to see how the strategy is progressing. In addition, they are encouraged to tell what development they would like to involve. In 2019, development targets that emerged from personnel surveys have also been brought into LATO’s goals and actions.

You can download Laurea’s entire customer story here in Finnish.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences operates in Uusimaa in six campuses. The key issues in the study are genuine assignments, such as projects that enable students to network already during their studies and they learn important skills needed in working life.

The Laurea community includes some 7800 students, 500 staff members and 2200 Laurea alumni.

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Valmet’s Management Team defines the corporate level must-win battles which are then cascaded into initiatives and actions and assigned for execution to different line management organizations and business areas. LATO provides the framework and plays a major role in reporting and follow-up as well as in pointing out the need for a change in direction.

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Investment company Panostaja Plc uses LATO to follow the overall owner strategy and the individual strategies of its portfolio companies. For the portfolio companies, in turn, LATO acts as a practical tool for strategy implementation and operational management.

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The Geological Survey of Finland

The Geological Survey of Finland, GTK, is a national research center operating under The Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The institute of Geological specialists manages and follows their key goals’ progress in LATO Strategy Tool.

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Mtech Digital Solutions decided to deploy the LATO Strategy Tool to boost strategy communication and implementation. The company’s goal was that the chosen solution should remove the mysticism around the strategy: the strategy had to be transparent, the priorities had to be clear and it needed to help the staff to understand the connection between their own and the company’s goals.

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Veho, the leading Finnish car retailer has implemented LATO’s strategy execution and follow-up software. The company now has one common tool to ensure the transparency over the different business areas, as well as to support the leadership and communication.

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Posintra kuvituskuva


Posintra launched LATO in early 2017. According to Topi Haapanen, the reporting process of company results and operations had been developed already before LATO introduction. However, Posintra repeatedly heard messages that the company’s goals and activities were unknown to important stakeholders.

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