LATO Strategy Tool pricing

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Joel Ollikainen LATO Strategia työkalu


1-29 users
250 /month
  • 5 users
  • Additional users: 30 € / month / user


30+ users
999 /month
  • 30 users
  • Personal Customer Success Manager
  • Company branding in UI
  • Additional users: 20 € / month / user


For larger organizations
Ask for quotation
  • Customized user interface
  • SSO
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Full technical support

Add LATO Roadmapper features: +15% to plan

Implementation services

In addition to the SaaS system, most organizations choose an implementation package for a smooth start.

The most suitable package can vary from a single workshop to comprehensive training & consulting service for developing the management culture. Required integrations are also taken into account. LATO implementation packages are single transactions – no recurring fees.


Start your strategy implementation quickly and cost-efficiently
1500 Starting from
  • End-result: Systematic routine for strategic management & monitoring
  • Step 1 - Formatting the strategy structure to a ready-to-use model in 60 min kick-off session
  • Step 2 - Training the management team to use LATO Strategy Tool and get strategic planning & monitoring started in 2 h workshop


Strategy implementation through the whole organization
3900 Starting from
  • End-result: Key people within an organization are operating together towards the same strategic objectives. Common methods for transparent execution of strategy.
  • Step 1 – Orientation workshop: Together with the customer, we align the management and strategy structures to LATO Strategy Tool and define the desired working methods.
  • Step 2 - Unit/area responsible training sessions: LATO trains unit/area responsible or middle management to sufficient management by objectives and commitment to the management working methods.
  • Step 3 - Goal/action owner training sessions: Online training for larger group of employees


Comprehensive integration of the strategy process & integrated data flow
10 500 Starting from
  • End-result: Organization has a comprehensive capability for strategy execution and transparent reporting.
  • 1. Customized implementation support & coordination
  • 2. Implementation phase (e.g., training sessions, workshops, online trainings, videos)
  • 3. Technical preparations & integrations, such as SSO and automatic maintenance of LATO users
  • 4. Continuous user support, e.g., dedicated Teams channel and admin support


Additional services

The LATO team provides you and your organization with additional services or customized product features suitable for your needs. With services and additional features, your organization gets the maximum value from LATO Strategy Tool.

Book a free needs assessment with a LATO expert here!

Admin user training

Duration: 2 h

Participants: Customer’s admin user(s)

Description: LATO team helps admin user(s) to understand and manage his or her organization’s strategy and management structures in LATO Strategy Tool. In addition, the customer is trained to maintain the organization’s users and function in the admin role.

Price: 350 €

Area responsibility training

Duration: 2 h

Participants: Supervisors, unit and team responsible

Description: This training provides prerequisites for strategic goal setting and cascading, KPI metric planning, assigning responsibilities, and creating strategic action plans. As a result, customer organizations
can begin to execute their strategy efficiently!

Price: 750 €

End user training

Duration: 1 h

Participants: Goal and action responsible, LATO end users

Description: LATO helps end users to understand their organization’s strategic management process and
commit to both organizational and personal objectives. After the training, participants can manage their own goals and make status updates in LATO Strategy Tool. In addition, the customer organization is provided with customized short guide and a video material of the training session, if needed.

Price: 450 €

Goal workshop

Duration: 3 h

Participants: Management team, supervisors, unit and team responsible

Description: LATO facilitates a goal-setting workshop where year- or season-based objectives are planned to LATO Strategy Tool. The LATO team will help the customer to plan proper goals that are suitable to the customer’s management practices and methods.

Price: Request for a quotation

Integration session

Duration: 1 h

Participants: Customer’s admin user(s)

Description: Integration session related either to MS Teams LATO-integration or automated KPI updates

Price: 250 €

Technical work

Description: LATO experts executes manual admin user work for the customer, i.e., user maintenance,
copying goals or creating new seasons.

Price: 120 €/h


Additional product features

Automated user synchronizing

Description: Customer organization’s LATO users are updated automatically to the system through Azure AD SCIM integration. As a result, customer does not have to add or delete users manually.

Price: 3000 €

SSO (Single Sign On)

Description: Customer organization’s LATO users are automatically logged in to LATO Strategy Tool. LATO uses customer’s own identity management system, such as ADFS, Azure AD or Gsuite. If your organization uses Virtu SSO, request for a separate quotation for LATO SSO feature.

Price: 3000 €

Customized terminology in LATO Strategy Tool

Description: Customer-specific terminology in LATO Strategy Tool.

Price: 750 € + technical work (120 €/h)

Customized UI in LATO Strategy Tool

Description: Customer specific user interface in LATO Strategy Tool, meaning customer’s own colors and logo.

Price: 750 €

Report export to customer's own portals

Description: LATO exports a recurring reporting view or multiple recurring reporting views from LATO Strategy Tool to customer’s own portals, such as intranet.

Price: 750 €/view

BI-system integration

Description: API-interface activation and integration of LATO data with customer’s own business
intelligence system. Training the customer how to use LATO information structure for data visualization and
data combining.

Price: 1500 €

For further details, contact the LATO team!

The prices do not include VAT.

Services can be provided remotely (i.e., via MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet).