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Terms of use in LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd website

The law of Finland is applied to the use and terms of the LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd website.


General Terms

The visitor should carefully read these terms before visiting LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd’s website www.latotools.com. By visiting these pages, you agree to be bound by the terms below. Use of the pages is subject to the acceptance of the terms below.


The material on this website is for informational purposes only. The content of the service and the content of these pages is provided “without obligation and as such”. Under all circumstances, LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd strives to ensure the accuracy and that it is up-to-date of the service and the information contained in these pages. However, LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd does not provide any warranty for these pages or their contents. LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd reserves the right to update or close these pages at any time.


LATO, LATO Strategy Tool and LATO Mobile are trademarks of LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd.


Site Provider and contact details
The service provider on this website is LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd, Bulevardi 7, Hitsaajankatu 22, Opus 2, FI-00810 Helsinki, FINLAND.


Third party’s provided information on our website
The links on this website are intended to be informative. LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd does not correspond to the third party’s produced or published material to which these pages are linked.


Leaving contact information on our sites or sending email
The users of the pages are reminded that the confidentiality of e-mail messages sent on an open data network cannot be guaranteed if they are not properly encrypted.


Intellectual property

The website of LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd contains copyrighted material. Ownership of these pages as well as copyright and all other intellectual property rights belong to LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd. All rights reserved. The copying, publishing, copying, transfer or preservation of the contents or parts of these pages without the permission of the owner is prohibited, except for storage on a computer or printing for personal use. However, you may not copy, publish, or further distribute the goods, trademarks, or other protected trademarks contained on the pages without written permission.


By the Personal Data Act (523/99) 10§ register caption for LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd’s Marketing and Sales Register



1. Registrar


LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd (Business ID 2599804-9)
Hitsaajankatu 22, Opus 2
FI-00810 Helsinki


2. Register person or contact person

Onni Matti Manninen

LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd

mobile. +358 40 900 0073

Email: matti.manninen (at) latotools.com


3. Name’s of the register
LATO marketing and sales registers


4. Purpose of processing personal data
The register information is used to manage and develop the customer relationship of LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd or to direct marketing of products and services based on permission or professional position in organization.


5. Information content of the register

The registry may contain the following information:



Organization and position

Organization address

Email address

Phone number

Contact requests

Other information provided by the person


Performed activities on the site


Information on opening newsletters

Information on clicking newsletters

Knowledge about canceling the newsletter (marketing ban)

Subscribed services, delivery and billing


Registered purchasing and download behavior of site information affects the marketing that is directed to the person.


6. Regular sources of information
The information is obtained from public sources, in a customer relationship or otherwise directly from the registered person. In addition, personal data can also be collected from Suomen Asiakastieto and other similar registers.


7. Regular transfers of information
Personal data may be tranferred to the authorities in statutory cases.


8. Data transfer outside the EU or EEA area
Data will be transferred outside the EU or the EEA within the scope of the Personal Data Act.


9. Principles of Registry Security
Manual data is stored in a locked facility, which is accessible only to person who has rights to use the information. Information processed electronically will be stored in third party systems, where the technical information security is trusted to well-known service providers. Access to the register is restricted to certain employees of LATO Leadership Automation Tools Ltd, who are subject to statutory confidentiality, or have signed a commitment of secrecy.


10. Right of Inspection

According to the Personal Data Act 26§, registered person has the right to verify what information concerning him/her has been stored in the register. The request for verification must be sent in written and signed to the register contact person.


Terms of use and register caption have been updated last time on July 27th, 2022